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Reviewer: Lorelei Signed Date: June 24, 2005 - 02:30 am Title: The Hot Seat

That was really amazing. No I mean REALLY amazing! I thought the characterization was spot on. I am always slightly miffed by episode tags for Hot Zone that have Sheppard charming his way out of a serious reality check with a cheeky grin that leaves Elizabeth a pile of mush. That just isn't how it would go in reality and I thought you handled it so well. You can totally feel the tension, but it's not some passionate loss of control on Elizabeth's part because of any feelings she may have for Sheppard, rather it's her putting aside the friendship and asserting her leadership. A reminder that there does have to be a clear chain of command for things to go smoothly and to prevent further problems later on. I think this fic totally showcases why she is such a good leader and diplomat. I also totally appreciated how well Elizabeth understands John. How she basically anticipated every rationalization he would use within his own mind, as well as knowing how to make him actually think about what he had done. I could seriously keep on writing forever on why I find this fic completely appealing, but suffice to say I thought that you dealt with the whole thing so incredibly well. This is actually my first fic review ever. And the reason I am posting it? Because I thought that was just about the best. damn. episode tag. ever. So thank you. And WRITE MORE! :)

Author's Response: Wow, that's quite a review! And thank you--the things you liked about it were pretty much all the reasons I wrote it. :-) I love John, I love his dynamic with Weir, but just because I love a character doesn't mean I don't want him to be held accountable for his mistakes and/or wrong choices. And I was soooooo frustrated with how that scene ended! (Probably the only time since "48 Hours" that I ever wanted to strangle Rodney quite that badly. ;-) ) But anyway, before I get verbose myself, let me just say I'm thrilled that you liked it and I will definitely keep writing fic. :-D

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