Reviewer: monkey-in-a-tree Signed Date: November 05, 2010 - 09:54 pm Title: Chapter 11

Yay! There is hope!!! Can't wait for more. So glad I fianlly got round to reading this...I'm so excited!!!! (and on a sugar high xD). Also yay for Ronon and Teyla :P Keep it up!

Author's Response: There's always hope, even when all seems lost. Glad to see your still enjoying it and next chapter up now to.

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: October 10, 2010 - 02:10 pm Title: Chapter 11

Great story! Can't wait for more. I know that the daydreaming slave woman has to be Elizabeth. Please let her be rescued & reunited with her family VERY soon. Awaiting the next chapter with baited breath.

Author's Response: Time will tell who she is. Hopefully. Next chapter should be posted around next weekend depending on how much time my beta has. Thanks for your review once again.

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