Reviews For Causality
Reviewer: Angie Signed Date: September 26, 2009 - 08:53 pm Title: Epilogue (2 years later)

aww. Such a great story! The whole storyline, the characters, the dialogues...simply love every bit of it. :D Oh, and I love Marcia. She's wicked. *lol*

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and I'm glad you liked Marcia, she was indeed wicked. I loved writing her and making her tease John, testing his endurance ;-)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: August 19, 2009 - 07:09 pm Title: Epilogue (2 years later)

So John wants another baby? Why does he need Marcia's help again? I thought Marcia had healed Elizabeth's body so that she could have kids. This is an awesome story! I hope Elizabeth doesn't kill John for this though lol.

Author's Response: Sorry for the late response, I've been way too busy. Elizabeth Had two problems. I explained in the story. She couldn't get pregnant, that one was solved, but she also can't carry the child without Marcia's care. So John is asking Marcia to help make sure they can get the second kid :) and I'm sure Elizabeht ain't gonna kill him for his intervention. I hope this explains it a bit... Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: stargatemeg Signed Date: August 15, 2009 - 07:37 pm Title: Chapter 15

Love this story =)

Author's Response: Thank you very much and I hope you like the ending as well :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: August 13, 2009 - 01:21 am Title: Chapter 15

Great story! Is Marcia gone for good? I hope nothing happens to little Chris. How many more chapters will there be?

Author's Response: I posted the last chapter, enjoy!

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: July 19, 2009 - 06:45 pm Title: Chapter 13

Ok so why did Marcia take them away from Atlantis? Does she have experience delivering babies? She should have brought Beckett with them. I hope she isn't planning something bad though, like taking their baby away or something.

Author's Response: Haha, why do you thin she's evil? just because she and John can't get along? :) I'll try and post a new chapter soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: July 11, 2009 - 12:51 am Title: Chapter 12

Wow. Just wow. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: July 03, 2009 - 04:01 pm Title: Chapter 11

Was Elizabeth supposed to be already married in order to receive Marcia's help? That's the impression I'm getting here. How did she betray John though? It IS John's baby, right?

Author's Response: :) I can keep you curious right? Well I'll post a new chapter soon, hopefully it will explain some things. Thanks for reading and reviewing

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: June 26, 2009 - 11:39 pm Title: Chapter 10

OH YES!!!!!! I hope Elizabeth agrees to marry John!!

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: June 25, 2009 - 09:30 am Title: Chapter 9

Wow. A baby. Awesome! But that "specific requests" line & Elizabeth's unwillingness to explain both give me the impression that Elizabeth did the ritual on purpose in order to have a baby. Apparently she didn't know what she was in for. I love this story! I hope nothing bad happens to Elizabeth or John or the baby. Please update very soon.

Author's Response: Maybe, Maybe not... :) I'll update tomorrow, need to go through the returned beta file

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: June 24, 2009 - 08:56 pm Title: Chapter 1

Please update very soon. I'm definitely enjoying this story.

Author's Response: Your wish was my command...(today) It's a little bit late, but I mananged to post the next chapter. Thank you for reading and reviewing :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: June 23, 2009 - 09:21 am Title: Chapter 8

Wow. Well at least it seems that "Marcia" doesn't want to hurt her.

Author's Response: Nope, she okay, maybe a little odd, but okay. I hope you're still enjoying the story, there's still more to come.

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: June 21, 2009 - 10:38 pm Title: Chapter 7

Is Elizabeth pregnant? I'm starting to get the impression that "Marcia" either thinks she is or knows she is.

Author's Response: All I can say to this question is: Read the new chapter and find out :)

Reviewer: ancientesha Signed Date: June 15, 2009 - 01:59 pm Title: Chapter 1

your efforts at pwp didnt actually fail. you got it slightly out of character at the beginning - lizbeth being angry at john for interrupting her bath, and just a little in the last ch. other than that, good fic.
good to know there are more chapters to come. right?

Author's Response: :) Maybe Elizabeth is indeed a bit out of character, but maybe it's all for a reason ^^ Thank you for supporting my pwp story. However, since the rest, yes there's more to come will bring a plot into play... Not to tease too much, but things will turn out quite unexpected.

Reviewer: Sparky Warrior Signed Date: June 11, 2009 - 09:34 am Title: Chapter 1

Very well done. I'd like to hear the rest of it if there is any. *salute*

Author's Response: Yes there is and I'll post the second chapter tonight. Thank you for reading and I hope you like te rest as well

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