Reviewer: shepweir always Signed Date: November 03, 2009 - 07:08 pm Title: The Warmth of Heaven

Wow...What you wrote made me sad and happy at the same time. I loved the connections between Elizabeth & Altantis and Elizabeth & John. It was so beautifully done. But it made me miss her so much. Atlantis needs Elizabeth to be complete. She is the
one who brings the city's spirit to life.

Author's Response: Thanks. I miss Elizabeth SO MUCH that I can't watch the show without her on it. *sadface* I'm sure it's lovely for people who weren't as interested in Elizabeth as a character as I am, but the show just isn't the same without her.

Reviewer: boomerbristol Signed Date: February 04, 2009 - 05:16 am Title: The Warmth of Heaven

Wow. I found that very powerful. Just loved it and made me wish that you had made this a series. Just terrific!

Author's Response: Thank you! I only wish I had the time to make it a series.

Reviewer: ele_belly Signed Date: December 26, 2008 - 03:05 am Title: The Warmth of Heaven

lol, new ship: Elizabeth/Atlantis xD cute fic, please write more =]

Author's Response: Aw, thanks!

Reviewer: Charlie Blue Signed Date: October 30, 2008 - 01:27 pm Title: The Warmth of Heaven

Such a wonderful story. Loved it how you connected the love story to the Ancient woman, Ayiana, found in SG1's "Frozen". I just love it when writers, such as yourself, manages to do that. Love how they'll start to make Atlantis a city again, with all that follows. Meaning families, with kids and all those things. (No matter what the people on Earth says, because they're in another galaxy, for cryin' out loud.)

Another chapter, or a sequel, would be much appreciated, but this is also more than enough.

Btw... I also love those fics, where either John or Elizabeth has a connection with Atlantis.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's nice to hear that you liked the story, and also *why* you liked the story.

Reviewer: Cocoa_girl Signed Date: May 10, 2008 - 05:37 pm Title: The Warmth of Heaven

I liked this very much. I think the IOA may have a fit. And I wouldn't mind a sequel to this. Either a couple days after or maybe years after so we can see the results of this night?

Author's Response: It's the IOA. They always have fits! Especially where Elizabeth's involved. Thanks very much. I'm glad you liked this story!

Reviewer: Shayz Signed Date: April 22, 2008 - 10:19 pm Title: The Warmth of Heaven

I actually cried reading this. I so love sentient Atlantis stories and Elizabeth's connection to the city even without the ATA gene. Beautifully written. Thanks for this.

Author's Response: Thank you! Sentient!Atlantis is one of my favorite fic tropes, as is Elizabeth's connection to the city.

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