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We seem to have fixed the ability to add a new series, add new chapters, and add co-authors to stories. I've tested all these functions and they all are working for me. I believe that is all the errors and issues people were having with the site.

But please, if you still encounter errors anywhere on the site, forward them to us as Jackie instructed in the previous news post and we will get them fixed.

I'm sorry about all the errors, everyone! But hopefully we're back in working order now.
Noelle on March 01, 2009 - 07:40 pm (36 Comments)

Most Recent
Mystery of the Phantom by Marcus S Lazarus (PG-13)
(AU, Part 2 of series) As their second year in Atlantis begins, Elizabeth finds herself drawn ever further...

Changing Bodies by Madi (PG)
They come back from the mission and everything was fine, till next morning. Due to something SGA-1 turned...

Sparks Ignited by shipper scifi (M)
Thrown into the midst of another galaxy, Elizabeth Weir leads her expedition on an exploration both of...

Mission: Earth by RGFiz (M)
This story takes up after Atlantis returns to Earth.

Fractured Phalanges and TLC by ShipperWriter (PG)
When Elizabeth has an accident with the stairs, John takes over her responsibilities -- and takes responsibility...

The First Year by Atri (PG)
The first year was perhaps the most important of them all.

John and Elizabeth by SeptemberWriter (R)
John and Elizabeth miss a de-briefing meeting.

Uneventful by Madi (PG)
Elizabeth and John realize they like each other, but don't know that their feelings are mutual. So they...

Feeling This by Lady More (G)
“Don’t,” John said taking her hand and gently placing it in his, “I, I kinda...

The Sound of Agony by Lady More (PG-13)
"Usually the sound of Elizabeth’s voice was usually loud and confident with a hint of excitement...

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Neither Snow nor Rain... by Pooh (PG)
They thought they had him all figured out.

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